List of states for products from the Carmans brand - Australia

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26 states:

Expiration date to be completed 8
Packaging to be completed 8
To be completed 8
Product name completed 8
Packaging code to be completed 8
Characteristics to be completed 8
Brands completed 8
Nutrition facts completed 7
Ingredients to be completed 7
Categories to be completed 6
Quantity to be completed 6
Origins to be completed 5
Photos uploaded 5
Photos to be validated 4
Packaging photo to be selected 4
Front photo selected 4
Nutrition photo selected 3
Photos to be uploaded 3
Ingredients photo to be selected 3
Categories completed 2
Quantity completed 2
Ingredients photo selected 1
Nutrition photo to be selected 1
Photos validated 1
Ingredients completed 1
Nutrition facts to be completed 1